Charged with a domestic assault, with a condition not to communicate with my spouse. What can I do?

I have been charged with a domestic assault, and have a condition not to communicate directly or indirectly with my spouse.  However, they keep on trying to get a hold of me.  What can I do?

It’s important to note that the person who is facing the charges is the one who has conditions not to communicate with their significant other or spouse. That means that if you were charged, you cannot pick up the phone and speak to your partner.

If your partner contacts you, either by phone, text, or social media, you CANNOT speak to them as you could be facing breach charges. If your partner contacts you, you should NOT say anything. Hang up the phone, walk away, do not respond to their texts or social media communications. Keep those messages and provide them to your lawyer, as they may be useful in court.

The best thing to do when your partner is actively trying to communicate with you is to contact the police. You should advise the police that your partner has contacted you and you want them to stop contacting you immediately. The police will usually contact your partner and warn them to stop communicating with you.

It is important to remember that your jeopardy is at risk if you communicate with your spouse. If you do not want the communication to resume, report the communication to the police and keep the records of your spouse’s attempts at communication.

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