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Celine Dostaler

Criminal Defence Lawyer at Celine Dostaler Professional Corporation

Céline Dostaler is a bilingual criminal lawyer who takes pride in defending a wide range of criminal charges in Ontario including drinking and driving charges, assaults, drug offences and fraud, just to name a few. Hard work, dedication, preparation, and tenacity are the driving force of her criminal practice, and allow her to achieve good results in her cases.

Céline Dostaler defends all criminal charges, including assault, domestic assault, impaired driving, Driving Under Influence (DUI), drug charges, sex offences, child pornography, and fraud. Take a look at some of Céline’s past case results to get a sense of her abilities.

She is passionate and provides all her clients with quality representation and personal service.



Celine Dostaler Professional Corporation specializes in Criminal Defence

Céline Dostaler – Ottawa Criminal Lawyer

Céline Dostaler – Ottawa Criminal Lawyer

Ottawa criminal lawyer Céline Dostaler has defended people charged with a wide range of criminal offences. From simple driving offences to more serious homicide charges, she has been successful in helping her clients achieve the best possible outcomes. Céline exclusively practices criminal law and this shows through her experience in successfully defending the rights of her clients, who are charged with criminal offences.

Céline Dostaler is a bilingual Ottawa Criminal Lawyer, and represents people charged with a wide range of criminal charges including drug related offences, drinking and driving offences, fraud, over 80 and Breathalyzer refusals, assault offences, theft, burglary, and other criminal offences. Her driving force for attaining sound results is her consistent dedication, persistence, hard work, and preparation in each and every one of her clients’ cases.

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Total Charges in Ottawa


Average people found guilt


Average people sent to jail


*These are estimated numbers from the 2014-2015 Crime Trends of the City of Ottawa, and the Adult criminal court statistics in Canada, 2013/2014.


Céline Dostaler is a successful trial lawyer, who spends most of her time in court litigating for her clients.
Take a moment to review some of Céline’s successes.

Firearm Offences

D.V. was fascinated with guns. When he lost his job, an acquaintance offered to buy him a restricted firearm if he registered another one under his name.

Drug Charges

D.H. was accused with trafficking cocaine as part of a “criminal organization”, a conviction that adds 1 year of jail to any sentence. Celine worked as a junior counsel with the defence team.

Impaired Driving and DUI Charges

P.W. was charged with impaired and refusal to provide a breath sample. He drank more than 6 ounces of vodka, and drove to the Beer Store, where he bought 2 tall cans and a 12-pack of beer.



    Céline Dostaler offers a free initial consultation with no obligation, to discuss criminal charges with anyone who requires legal representation, no matter the criminal offence. Whether you, someone you love, or a close family friend has been charged with a criminal offence, call Ottawa criminal lawyer Céline Dostaler today.

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