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Sexual Assault

Sexual Assault Defence Lawyer in Ottawa

Sexual assault includes unwanted kissing or groping over the clothes, consensual sex with someone too young to consent, sexual activity with someone who is asleep or unconscious, sexual activity with someone who is unwilling, and disciplining a child by striking them below the waist.

The courts will consider the following factors when determining if an assault was of a sexual nature: the part of the body touched, the nature of the contact, the situation in which the contact occurred, the words and gestures accompanying the act, and if there were any threats made during the assault.

If the police have called you for an interview or for questioning, don’t give a statement. First, call me for a free consultation.

Preparing your defence

Evidence and procedural rules for sexual assault cases are very complicated. Our thorough understanding of the rules is essential to presenting your case clearly and concisely.
I will tirelessly defend you during your trial by challenging Crown witnesses and other evidence, and presenting your case in a way that places you in the best light.

Consequences of being convicted

The consequences of a sexual assault conviction can be devastating. Jail time, a criminal record, social stigma, and registration in the National Sex Offender Registry are all likely. Your ability to travel internationally may also be hindered.

Possible punishments include:
  • Up to 10-years in prison
  • Up to 3 years of probation
  • Inclusion in the national sex offender registry
  • Surrender of a DNA sample to the National DNA databank
  • Inability to possess or have weapons (including firearms)
  • Inability to attend public park or pools, schoolyards, playgrounds, or any other place where children under 16 can be expected to be (if the victim is under 14 years old)