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Child Pornography

Child Pornography Lawyer in Ottawa

Being charged with an offence related to possessing, creating, accessing, or distributing child pornography can be the beginning of a terrible ordeal. Your reputation, your family life, and your livelihood can all be threatened by the accusation of a child pornography offence.

Fortunately, a strong defence can help to restore your reputation and your relationships. You may be able to avoid the severe consequences of a conviction, or negotiate a plea to a less serious offence.

Examples of Child Pornography Crimes

  • Possession
  • Viewing or accessing
  • Making, publishing, or printing
  • Possession for the purpose of publishing
  • Transmission, sale, distribution, or making it available
Punishment for Child Pornography Crimes

The offences listed above carry jail terms ranging from a minimum of 6 months’ jail for possession, to maximum sentences of 10 years for creation or distribution.

In addition to jail time, you may face lifetime bans from using the internet, interacting with anyone under the age of 16, or going anywhere someone under the age of 16 might be found. The judge, at their discretion, can also order that you be registered as a Sex Offender for 10 to 20 years.