Paralegals versus Criminal Defence Lawyers in Ottawa

Criminal Defence February 22, 2017

Paralegals versus Criminal Defence Lawyers in Ottawa

One [1] mistake some people will make is deciding to retain the services of paralegals to represent their interests in criminal offence matters. There are key differences between paralegals and criminal defence lawyers in Ottawa. It is essential to understand these differences so you can make wise decisions in regards to the counsel you need […]

Ottawa Criminal Lawyer Discusses Why Social Media Opens Doors for Virtual Crimes

Criminal Defence January 28, 2017

Ottawa Criminal Lawyer Discusses Why Social Media Opens Doors for Virtual Crimes

Social media sites can be great educational and personal enjoyment tools when used correctly within acceptable parameters. Ideally, there should be some level of respect, along with restraint when responding to someone else’s posts online. Sometimes, the responses we receive online are just the other individual’s opinion, but other times, they might be considered a […]

Being Underage and Criminal Law

Criminal Defence January 7, 2017

Being Underage and Criminal Law

One misconception twins and teens often have is they are immune to the criminal legal system simply because they are underage. However, this assessment and assumption on their part is not accurate or true. In Canada, the Youth Criminal Justice Act (YCJA) is a special set of rules and regulations that relates directly to young […]

Recent News December 9, 2016

Holiday RIDE Program Facts Every Driver Needs to Know

With the holiday season underway, so too are the holiday RIDE Program checkpoints. Each year, law enforcement agencies across Ottawa and throughout Ontario set up checkpoints in an effort to curtail impaired driving from both alcohol and drugs. When Does the RIDE Program Start? RIDE Programs do occur at other times and holiday weekends throughout […]



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