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Ottawa criminal lawyer Céline Dostaler has defended people charged with a wide range of criminal offences. From simple driving offences to more serious homicide charges, she has been successful in helping her clients achieve the best possible outcomes. Céline exclusively practices criminal law and this shows through her experience in defending the rights of her clients, who are charged with criminal offences.

Céline Dostaler is a bilingual Ottawa Criminal Lawyer, and represents people charged with a wide range of criminal charges including drug related offences, drinking and driving offences, fraud, over 80 and Breathalyzer refusals, assault offences, theft, burglary, and other criminal offences. Her driving force for attaining sound results is her consistent dedication, persistence, hard work, and preparation in each and every one of her clients’ cases.

Experienced Ottawa Criminal Lawyer

Retaining an experienced Ottawa criminal lawyer for your case helps you obtain the best possible outcome when you have been charged with a crime. While Céline Dostaler cannot guarantee what the actual results for your case are going to be, she promises to work tirelessly and diligently on your case with the goal of working towards a positive resolution to your criminal charges. Céline Dostaler can help if you have been charged with such criminal defences like:

Navigating through the complexities of a criminal offence can be a stressful period of time. Céline Dostaler has the expertise and knowledge to guide you effectively through your proceedings while representing your best interests. She deals with the police, Crown, and judges on your behalf. She is not afraid to ask the serious questions, and won't back down whenever she knows you rights were violated.

Céline understands that people who are charged with a criminal offence have many questions and are scared about the possibility of jail. She believes in the power of preparation, and encourages her clients to become proactive. Her team of experts ensures that her clients lead a pro-social lifestyle, develop a strong support network within the community, and start on the road to rehabilitation before any sentencing has been imposed. This proactive approach has helped many of her clients avoid a long jail sentence.

Through Celine's network of experts, she ensures that individuals who are facing incarceration are prepared and know what to expect when entering the correctional system for the first time. This up-front and continuous preparation for sentencing and possible incarceration follows through for early release. In a time when early parole happens only on a rare basis, her expert has advocated on numerous occasions and always obtained early release for their clients.

Céline Dostaler believes retaining an experienced Ottawa criminal lawyer at the first opportunity after being charged with a crime, does significantly affect the overall disposition of your case. The police and Crown have the resources at their disposal to prosecute your case, so why should you not also have the same level of professionalism and expertise on your side by retaining an Ottawa criminal lawyer to even the playing field?

Céline Dostaler offers a free initial consultation with no obligation, to discuss criminal charges with anyone who requires legal representation, no matter the criminal offence. Whether you, someone you love, or a close family friend has been charged with a criminal offence, call Ottawa criminal lawyer Céline Dostaler today.


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