Fraud Charges

Fraud Charges

Take a moment to review some of Céline’s successes.

R. v. J.B.

J.B. was accused of unlocking the warehouse door where he worked, allowing thieves to enter and steal thousands of dollars worth of merchandise. A video surveillance tape captured an individual, identified as J.B. by his boss, allowing thieves to enter the warehouse. J.B. was acquitted because Céline Dostaler was able to convince the judge that he was not the person unlocking the door in the security video.

R. v. R.H.

As the power of attorney for his grandmother, R.H. paid himself over $300,000 from her account. R.H. was charged with fraud and the Crown was seeking jail time for many years. Céline’s arguments resulted in the judge agreeing to put R.H. under house arrest.


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