Drug Charges

Drug Charges

Take a moment to review some of Céline’s successes.

R. v. D.H.

D.H. was accused of trafficking cocaine as part of a “criminal organization” — a conviction that adds 1 year of jail to any sentence. Celine worked as a junior counsel with the defence team. Although most of the defence team agreed that D.H. and his friends formed a criminal organization, Céline’s research showed that the group did not meet the definition under the law. This research was pivotal in convincing the judge that D.H. and his friends did not form a “criminal organization,” and it prevented D.H. from being sentenced to one extra year in prison.

R. v. E.T.

E.T. had sold crack cocaine and heroin to undercover officers. The Crown wanted E.T. to go to jail for eight years. E.T. had completed drug rehabilitation before he was charged with old heroin offences, and had beaten his drug addiction. Through many meetings with the Crown, Céline was able to convince them to drop the heroin charges. E.T. was convicted of selling crack cocaine and breaching conditions, and instead of a jail sentence, Céline was able to convince a judge that E.T. serve a short period of probation.

R. v. S.C.D.

S.C.D. was accused of trafficking marijuana because she was in possession of a large quantity of marijuana, a scale, and baggies. Although the accused stated that the marijuana was for personal use, she was charged for possession for purposes of trafficking. The Crown wanted S.C.D. to go to jail for 90 days, however, the defence was able to fight the trafficking charges and the accused was found guilty of simple possession of marijuana and had to pay a small fine.

R. v. A.P.

Police conducted a traffic-stop on A.P. for having a malfunctioning break light. When speaking with the driver, the police noticed a roach and immediately arrested A.P. for possession of drugs. The police searched A.P. and found a small amount of marijuana and cocaine. Céline Dostaler successfully argued at trial that the police breached A.P.’s rights by conducting a search of the car without anything more than a roach. The drugs found by the police were excluded from the evidence, and A.P. was acquitted of all charges.


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