Domestic Assault Charges

Domestic Assault Charges

Take a moment to review some of Céline’s successes.

R. v. P.B.

The accused was charged with sexually abusing his wife and using force on their children, causing bruises and other injuries. The complainant was discredited in cross-examination and the matter resulted in an acquittal of all charges.

R. v. R.O.

The accused and his girlfriend were drinking and an argument ensued which resulted in R.O. punching his girlfriend in the mouth. The Crown was looking for a 9-month jail sentence, however Céline Dostaler was able to persuade the judge to sentence the accused only to house arrest.

R. v. C.H.

C.H. had conditions not to communicate with his wife. She continued her relationship with C.H., but later filed charges that he sexually assaulted and forcibly confined her and her children in the kitchen for four hours. The Crown expected an easy win at trial, but Céline conducted her own investigation and found information that was not consistent with her statement to police. After a thorough cross-examination, C.H.’s wife was impeached and the judge found her not credible. C.H. was acquitted of sexual assault and forcible confinement.


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