Assault Charges

Assault Charges

Take a moment to review some of Céline’s successes.

R. v. B.C.

B.C. was spending time with a friend. They were drinking and talking about taking drugs. B.C., who is normally a peaceful individual, and never in a fight, punched his friend, who suffered a broken jaw. Céline Dostaler’s defence resulted in a 30 day jail sentence served during weekends.

R. v. C.O.

C.O. was walking home from school with many classmates. The accused was recognized by the victim of a swarming in which an iPod was stolen. Céline Dostaler’s arguments convinced the judge that C.O. was not part of the swarming: he was in the wrong place at the wrong time. C.O. was acquitted of all charges.

R. v. F.P.

F.P.’s girlfriend was badly beaten in F.P.’s apartment and F.P. was charged with assault causing bodily harm. There were three people in the apartment, F.P., his girlfriend, and a friend, and all were drinking and doing drugs. In a seemingly impossible case where F.P.’s girlfriend told a security guard that F.P. was the one who hit her, and F.P. admitted on the stand that he was probably the one who hit her, F.P. was acquitted. Céline convinced the judge that since neither his girlfriend or friend could remember what happened, no one was able to say if F.P. was hit first and then defended himself, or if he started the fight.


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